Jill Scott Speaks On How She Lost 50 Pounds

Jill Scott has slimmed down and she revealed to Ebony magazine just how she did it. According to Jill, fun workouts are what helped her get through her weight loss: “Anything that makes me feel like I’m not working out. We go outside and throw footballs, go for walks.”

The battle of the bulge. It’s been going on for years. Media images of what’s “acceptable” just doesn’t reflect you average woman’s size. I call it fluctuation and for us women it is ANNOYING. But yes! You can do something about it. Get up and move like Michelle Obama says.

I’m with Jill on this one, working out is only fun for me if there are fun activities. My brain gets bored walking on a damn treadmill. So congrats to Jill and for the record, mama we are happy for you and you have always been beautiful inside and out to me, with 50 pounds or without 50 pounds! Love ya, Ms. Scott!

Some suggestions on fun workouts: kickball, tennis, walking, boxing , kick boxing, and my favorite, dancing. Just dance like Beyonce does in this “Move Your Body” video.

You can lose weight, be heathier and happier just by dancing at home 30 minutes a day! When you get home every night this week, commit to putting this video on and do your best to keep up. Bet you’ll feel a difference in a week!


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