Sunday Eats

Hey, people. Tomorrow we will start a weekly section on the site called Sunday Eats. Why? Because I looooove to cook. It relaxes me, it’s creative, experimental and because I said so. LOL!

Honestly, I cook with love and watching others enjoy my treats is my reward. I haven’t cooked since December 2009, when my mom passed. It didn’t seem right to enjoy anything. Cooking, barbecuing and baking was very much a family bonding thing for us.

What am I good at cooking? I’ll say anything and everything, but you’d have to try it yourself. My rum cakes are famous among my close friends. I make them for the holidays and special occasions like when my girlfriends at home threaten to kidnap me and tie me up in the kitchen (they really did it too).

Sometimes I like to look in my refrigerator and see what’s there, then I go to Google, type in the ingredients and see what comes up. Sometimes I use family recipes and sometimes I make up my own ish or share recipes with my girlfriends. Trying new foods and recipes is just FUN.

So here we go. Log onto FreesWorld.com tomorrow for our first serving of Sunday Eats!


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