Stacey Dash Not Fired From Single Ladies, LisaRaye Comments On Rumors

Before the finale for the first single of VH1’s hit series Single Ladies aired this past Monday, rumors began to make the rounds that Stacey Dash had been fired from the show. Dash, who plays Val in the scripted drama, was supposedly accused of being demanding and difficult to work with. Well, the show’s creators and co-star LisaRaye have put those rumors to rest.

Stacy A. Littlejohn, one of the creators of Single Ladies, made the following statement on LisaRaye’s Facebook page:

LisaRaye is a very strong woman and we love her, but she does not have that kind of power, nor at any time did she seek to influence any casting decisions. Furthermore, no cast member of Single Ladies has the power to get another cast member fired. the 6th grade back-stabbing that LisaRaye’s being accused of is completely the creation of uninformed, instigating internet gossip. Please don’t buy into it. Let’s just celebrate that we have a Season 2 coming!!!!

Littlejohn’s comments were made after LisaRaye took to her Facebook to deny any reports that she played a part in Dash’s alleged firing:

“As everyone know I am in Italy vacationing. I was just made aware of the lies that are being spread by Mediatakeout and other blogs that like to create false stories. I was not even aware that Stacey Dash had been fired from Single Ladies. Furthermore if she has been fired that is a network decision. I don’t have the power to get her fired nor do I have any beef with her. Now im going to go continue enjoying my vacation!”

Last month, Single Ladies was renewed for a second season after it became popular with viewers. The new season is scheduled to begin filming later this year, with a premiere some time at the start of 2012.

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