Sports: NBA Players’ Union Shows Unity During Lockout

Divide and conquer is the key to controlling people and their actions. It’s dirty but it’s how businesses and swindlers win, “by any means necessary.”

Last Thursday, NBA players, their agents, and the players union met in Las Vegas and they didn’t come to gamble. They basically let the NBA know that dissension among them does not exist and that all three are standing and strategizing TOGETHER.

Derek Fisher, Los Angeles Lakers player and President of the NBA Players Union, told the press after the meetings, “If the owners were looking for some kind of break in the rank…that was put to bed.”

Congrats to them. Getting everyone on the same page is such a hard thing to accomplish. Hopefully, the NBA lockout ends soon. C’mon, suits and ties, get it together already! I’m feigning for a Boston Celtics game! #TeamGreeeeeeeeeeen for life!


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