Photos: 50 Cent Visits Africa To Fight Hunger

Last year, 50 Cent announced that he would be partnering with the World Food Programme to fight hunger in Africa, and he’s making good on his word.

The unofficial ambassador for the WFP flew to Dolow, Somalia yesterday to see first hand the devastation that has taken place in the region due to hunger. The area is where thousands of women and children have fled to in an effort to avoid drought and conflict.

On his visit in Somalia, 50 said:

“What I am seeing is devastating — these women and children have risked everything to come to this Somalia camp, just to get food. They need our help.”

The next stop for the rapper was Nairobi, Kenya. There he stopped at a school that many orphaned children attend and spoke on what he saw:

“To meet those kids was so inspiring, they have nothing, yet they are so positive and optimistic. I want to do my part so they get food and an education. I hope more people will join me to help end this devastating situation.”

ABC reporter Dan Harris is traveling with 50 and plans to document the trip on “Good Morning America” and “Nightline” in the coming days. But so far, Harris said of his experience with 50:

“It was fascinating to watch this guy who grew up on the mean streets of South Jamaica, Queens… as he came face to face with a level of poverty and desperation he’d never before encountered.

“At a refugee camp in Somalia, he was left speechless at points. At a school in Kenya’s largest slum, he danced with the kids.”

In 2011, 50 created the energy drink Street King and for every purchase, 10 cents are donated to the WFP, which covers the cost of one meal for a hungry child.

Sources: ThisIs50, World Food Programme


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