Trayvon Martin’s Father, Case Attorneys Respond To Video Of Zimmerman Uninjured

Yesterday, ABC News obtained exclusive footage of George Zimmerman just hours after he shot and killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

In the newly surfaced surveillance video (which reporter Matt Gutman obtained by simply asking police for it), Zimmerman is shown getting out of a police car at the Sanford police station, showing no visible signs of injuries.

Zimmerman told police he was involved in a life or death struggle with Trayvon before he pulled the trigger. His attorney also claims Zimmerman’s back was wet and covered in grass, and that he suffered a broken nose and scratches on his face after Trayvon allegedly slammed George’s head into the sidewalk during their confrontation. The video shows no evidence of his claims.

After seeing the video himself, Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, has spoken out, saying, “It just shows that everything that Zimmerman has been saying, that the police have been reporting, is false.”

Still, Zimmerman’s lawyer, Craig Sonner, insists that the video is too “grainy” to tell if his client was injured or not and says that the lack of physical scars could be because George was cleaned up in the back of the police car between the 4 hours when the incident happened and he arrived at the station.

In light of the new evidence, Benjamin Crump, Trayvon’s family attorney, has said, “You’re witnessing a conspiracy in the first degree. If they don’t arrest this guy — there’s a conspiracy at this point.”

The release of the video comes after it was revealed that Sanford Police initially wanted to arrest Zimmerman and charge him with Trayvon’s death, but state prosecutors ultimately decided not to.

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Sources: MSNBC; USA Today; Time

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