Bill Cosby Says Trayvon Martin Case More About Guns Than Race

Comedic legend, author, and activist Bill Cosby recently appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and ended up discussing the controversial Trayvon Martin case. The always outspoken Mr. Cosby took a different view on the situation, saying the issue is more about guns than race.

Before the second degree murder charge against shooter George Zimmerman was announced last week, Mr. Cosby explained his reasoning.

“It’s about the gun. It’s about this gun, guns in our country.

“I remember, I was put on shore patrol, I was in the Navy… They didn’t give me a gun, but they gave me this night stick. And with that stick, my mentality went to, instead of just walking around the place, I actually began to look for things and be afraid of people.

“I know that when you have a gun, you may not realize it but you put it on your person and you mean to pull this and kill somebody. That’s what you mean to do.”

Does Mr. Cosby have a point? Is the issue really the availability of guns in our country?


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