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  1. You Ready For Wonder Woman in 2017?

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    Warner Brothers announced on Wednesday that the Wonder Woman movie is officially in the works. Israeli actress, Gal Gadot will star as the superhero in the movie set to be released in 2017.

    But you won’t have to wait until 2017 to see how Gal Gadot does as Wonder Woman because she will be portraying the character in the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman movie that will hit theaters in 2016.

    Are you excited to see Wonder Woman kick some butt on the big screen!?

  2. HBO on the Internet??? Who needs cable?

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    That’s right! Starting in 2015, you will no longer need cable to watch HBO. People with internet service will be able to subscribe to HBO and stream their favorite shows and movies just like Netflix.

    Currently, cable customers are able to use the HBO GO app on multiple devices but you need cable and internet to do so. The cable network has not revealed what the monthly price or launch date will be.

    All of this internet streaming is definitely changing the game. It might be time to forget about cable all together!

  3. #PassTheBaton : Nick Cannon Challenges You!

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    Drumline: A New Beat Ad

    Gearing up for the premier of the new Drumline movie, Nick Cannon and VH1 are challenging all drummers and bands to #PassTheBaton. You can upload a photo or video of your skills using the #PassTheBaton hashtag to Twitter or Instagram and earn a chance to be shown on television during the halftime show of ‘Drumline: A New Beat.’

    Nick Cannon is also asking bands to upload their drum playing to youtube and challenge other rival bands to do the same. VH1 is posting $1 to the United Negro College Fund for every #PassTheBaton submission so get to it!

    Also check out the trailer for ‘Drumline: A New Beat’ set to premier on VH1 October 27th at 9 PM EST.

  4. MUST SEE! Kill The Messenger In Theaters Today (Trailer Inside)



    The story behind ‘Kill The Messenger’ is real deep.. It’s based on a true story about the crack epidemic in the African American community and the government’s involvement in it’s distribution… and most of all the journalist who was fearless enough to investigate it only to be blackballed and discredited. He ended up committing “suicide.”

    This movie is definitely a must see. I researched Gary Webb so much in 2005, I feel like I know him, may he RIP. Glad this story is being told. The question is now what?

    – Freezy

  5. Paula Patton Files for Divorce from Robin Thicke

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    It looks like the break up between Paula Patton and Robin Thicke is now official as Paula filed for divorce from the singer stating “irreconcilable difference.” The two high school sweethearts separated in February of this year and Robin made public pleas to get his wife back but to no avail.

    In the divorce, the actress is also asking for joint custody of their 4-year-old son. We hope everything works out for the both of them.

  6. Annabelle In Theatres Today!

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    The prequel to ‘The Conjuring’ which had everyone frightened last year is in theatres today! In Annabelle, a man brings home the creepy vintage doll that you all have seen, but evil comes along with it.

    Are you going to see it? Check out the trailer below!