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  1. Video of Hotel Maid Going Through Guest’s Personal Belongings Goes Viral



    Be careful what you leave in your hotel rooms!

    A hotel guest named Vince Stravix secretly filmed a hotel maid fishing through all of the stuff he left in the room before actually cleaning.

    In the video, you can see the maid examining and going through all of his personal things. At one point, you can even see her trying to use a tablet that he left in the room.

    The man responsible for the video stated that he hasn’t named the hotel because he didn’t want to “incite a witch-hunt or boycott.” He just wanted to warn everyone about keeping you belongings locked up.

    Check out the video below!

  2. Tensions Rising in Ferguson and so are Gun Sales



    With the grand jury’s decision on the fate of Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Mike Brown, looming in the air, tensions are rising in Ferguson.

    Because of the likelihood of looting and rioting in the city if Darren Wilson is not convicted, gun sales have recently been increasing.

    Steven King, a gun store owner told CNN that he sold over 100 guns this past weekend. He usually sells around 30.

    Another gun shop nearby Ferguson reported that gun sales increased by 50% over the past week.

    From the conversations the Mayor of Ferguson has had with people, he believes people aren’t buying guns to be wreckless and engage in criminal acts, but to protect their homes.

  3. Video: President Obama Gets Called The N-Word On Live Television



    Yesterday morning, a republican supported called into C-Span to discuss the recent mid-term election and actually called President Obama the N-word on live television.

    The host, Steve Scully immediately hung up on the caller after the racist remarks. Check out the video below.

  4. Wal-Mart Will Sell College Themed Gear During Christmas Season



    Starting November 17th, Wal-Mart will sell college-themed gear like hats, jackets, and shirts.

    The retail giant expects many customers to buy the gear for their old alma mater or favorite basketball and football teams.

    Strategically making the move during Christmas shopping season, Wal-Mart believes that the gear will be the perfect gift for people with school pride.

    They are fully committed to the selling of this merchandise so expect to see entire sections of your local Wal-Marts filled with college gear.

    What school will you be rocking with?

  5. Mike Brown’s Parents To Address United Nations

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    Mike Brown’s parents will take a trip to the United Nations next week to speak at a human rights conference.

    They were invited to do so after Justin Hansford (St. Louis University Assistant Law Professor) sent a 13-page statement to the committee describing all of the events that has transpired in Ferguson after the murder of their son.

    Michael Brown SR. and Lesley McSpadden will address the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committe Against Torture in Switzerland on November 12th and 13th.

  6. Confirmed! Justin and Jessica are having a Baby



    After weeks of rumors and speculation, it has now been confirmed by US Weekly that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are indeed expecting their first child.

    The pregnancy seemed obvious as Jessica would appear at events wearing loose fitting clothes and even sometimes holding her stomach, but a close friend of hers told US Weekly that the couple never announced it because, “Right now they are just enjoying the news for themselves.”

    Congrats to Justin and Jessica!

  7. Kelly Rowland Welcomes a Little Boy into The World

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    Big congrats to Kelly Rowland and her husband Tim Weatherspoon who welcomed a little boy into the world yesterday.

    Titan Jewell Weatherspoon was born at 1:30 pm and weighed 7.5 lbs.

    The new mom released this statement:

    “We are thrilled to announce that today we are the proud parents of our first son. We are blessed to report everyone is healthy and happy!”

    Congrats again kelly!!

  8. Voters Chose To Legalize Marijuana in Oregon, Alaska, and DC

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    After election day, you can add Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC to the list of places in America where marijuana is now legal.

    Voters in Oregon and Alaska approved of weed being used for recreational use and they will also start opening up retail pot shops.

    In DC, adults 21 and older will be allowed to posses a maximum of two ounces or grow up to six plants without any fines or penalties. This is still pending because since it is the nation”s capital, Congress has oversight and can stop this from being passed.

    Many marijuana advocates believe that this is just the beginning of a nation wide legalization of marijuana.

  9. VIDEO: Philly Singing Group Gets Obama Going

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    A singing group called ‘Brotherly Love’ in Philly was able to get President Obama dancing and footage of it has now gone viral.

    The group posted the awesome clip on youtube and it quickly spread all over the internet. They are now receiving many offers to perform including the opportunity to sing the national anthem for a 76ers game.

    Check out the prez showing his dancing moves below!

  10. VIDEO: Girl With Inoperable Brain Tumor Scores For Her College Basketball Team



    After being told she only has a few months to live because of an inoperable brain tumor, 19 year old college student Lauren Hill decided to fulfill her dream by playing one last time for her college basketball team.

    In front of a huge crowd, Hill took to the court and scored the first and last buckets of the game.

    Hill described what it was like stating, “This game was amazing. It was awesome in every way. It’s a dream come true. To play on a college court, to put my foot down on the floor and hear the roar of the crowd. I just love it so much. I love basketball.”

    Check out the touching video below!